What is Evangelization?

There are many different ideas of what the new evangelization is and isn’t. You might think it has something to do with improving religious education, or perhaps it has to do with new media, podcasts, blogs, and social networks. Or maybe you simply think the new evangelization is a whole new way of sharing the Faith.

The fact of the matter is that the new evangelization includes each of these approaches and many more. With so many possibilities, coming up with a concise definition for such an important topic might cause additional trepidation for someone who is already apprehensive about any form of evangelization, new or old.

Simply put, the new evangelization is all about Jesus Christ and living out the faith that draws us closer to him. It’s about your relationship with Christ, as well as helping others to continually develop a relationship with him, too. But it’s also about the many approaches available to do so, and the fervor with which we embrace this challenge in today’s secular and relativistic culture.

Partners in Discipleship

Here at Corpus Christi Parish, we have begun a concerted effort to orient our parish family in the direction of Evangelization.  We developing strategies and pastoral initiatives with the explicit duty to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature” (Mk 16:15). We are creatively implementing ways of forming, informing and transforming the parishioners of Corpus Christ Parish into discipleship—an engaged community of faith.  We ask you to be Partners in Discipleship as to together we focus  our efforts on:

  1. Nurturing committed and involved parishioners.
  2. Reaching out to Baptized, occasional/no longer practicing Catholics in the parish
  3. Outreach to the broader community – being a positive and welcoming presence in the Conneaut community

Learn more about how to be a Partner in Discipleship by checking our blog: