About Us

Corpus Christi  Parish has strong roots in Conneaut, Ohio and surrounding  cities in Ashtabul County, Ohio, and serves as a spiritual oasis for those who call it home.

When the Irish writer James Joyce was asked to describe the Catholic Church, he answered, “Here comes everybody!” We believe that is the best description of life and ministry at Corpus Christi Patrish. We are a community that gathers together in prayer, life-long faith formation, fellowship, fun and service. We are striving to grow in holiness – which we define as deepening our relationship with the Lord Jesus personally and as a community of believers. We do all of this from our Catholic perspective.

We invite you to journey with us. If you join us, know that you will be walking with believers who are striving to be the presence of Jesus Christ. We are not perfect, but we are sincere in our efforts to be better people, better Christians every day.